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  • How to Understand Anger

    Anger can have a healthy role in our lives by helping us tend to our health and the health of our closest relationships.

  • Curtain Call for Anxiety

    Learn more about the physical effects of anxiety, how anxiety affects our thoughts, and techniques that can help ease your anxiety.

  • The Power of Presence

    By being fully present, we are able to grow meaningful connections with others. Learn tips on how to be more present in your life.

  • How We Get Stuck with Emotions Part 2

    by Ryan Berkompas, a Doxa counselor. This post is a continuation of a previous post about How We Get Stuck […]

  • How We Get Stuck in Emotions (Part 1)

    by Ryan Berkompas, a Doxa Counselor. In a previous post, I wrote about three reasons counselors focus on emotions. In […]

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